Papers from early PCST conferences now online

21 April 2016

PCST Network is delighted to announce that the world’s largest collection of papers on science communication is now online in the PCST repository.

Over 1,000 abstracts and full papers presented at PCST conferences are currently available and more will be added soon, including those from next week’s conference in Istanbul.

This valuable resource for researchers and practitioners was put in place after the PCST Scientific Committee recognised that PCST conference records were in danger of disappearing.

A documentation team was set up to save those materials and it has had the support of Scientific Committee members and of the China Research Institute for Science Popularization (CRISP) which undertook much of the technical work.

The contribution of these colleagues to the archive project will be acknowledged at our conference in Istanbul.

The repository is intended to keep the history of the PCST network alive. We know that the quality of these documents is variable and we urge readers to make their own critical assessment. To keep the data authentic, the Documentation Subcommittee did not make or ask for any revisions; abstracts and papers appear as the authors submitted them.

The repository is a record of what was presented at conferences and reflects the diversity of topics and changes in focus over time. It has a value as a resource for reflecting on the interests of conference participants over the decades, and for identifying people who have given attention to particular topics.

We look forward to further additions and enhancements to the repository in the coming months and years.