PCST Network partners with the International Year of Science Engagement

25 June 2022

PCST Network has signed a partnership agreement with the International Year of Science Engagement (IYSE), which aims to proclaim 2027 as an official United Nations International Year and to put Science Engagement on the global agenda.

IYSE was initiated by the Falling Walls Foundation in Berlin and has gathered support from partners such as the International Science Council, McGill University, Eusea (European Science Engagement Association), Wissenschaft im Dialog and many others.

IYSE hopes to create momentum for dialogue and participation between science and society, and to engage more voices and more minds with science and showcase its opportunities and contributions. It will engage scientists worldwide with diverse stakeholders and the public to build consensus, test solutions, improve their theses, methods, and enable change.

As a social partner of IYSE, PCST Network commitments will include: extending some of its planned activities at a continental or worldwide scale in the framework of IYSE2027; sharing information regarding IYSE2027 with members, partners and others through the network’s communications channels; sharing ideas and visions from participants in various forms of science engagement as interviews and statements for IYSE2027 communications channels.

The partnership agreement was signed in June 2002 by Jenni Metcalfe, PCST President, and Imke Rajamani, Managing Director of Falling Walls and IYSE.

IYSE will host its second Virtual Café on Thursday, June 30th (4.30pm, CEST), which will discuss science engagement in relation to climate change and planetary health. Three science engagement practitioners will give presentations about their work on these topics; these are a global public health specialist, an environmental conservationist working mainly in Indonesia, and a Mexican student who is working on solutions to contamination by the mealworm beetle.