PCST symposium in Latin America: conference proceedings

20 August 2016

Science communicators from across Latin America met in San José, Costa Rica, on 28-30 September 2016 to discuss science communication as a profession: training, responsibilities and roles.

The proceedings are now posted.

The main objective of was to strengthen the communication of science and technology globally through reflection, sharing and alliances, including through vocational education and training and best practice experiences developing the science-society interface.

PCST Network and RedPOP, the science communication network for Latin America and the Caribbean, supported this symposium.

Brian Trench, PCST president, gave a keynote address at the symposium’s opening session, addressing the role of universities in professional science communication. He also facilitated a pre-symposium workshop on science communication research.

Luisa Massarani (Brazil), director of RedPOP and member of the PCST scientific committee, and Lisbeth Fog (Colombia), former member of the PCST scientific committee were among the plenary speakers.

The Costa Rican hosts are the State University for Distance Learning (UNED) and the Cientec Foundation.