PCST China Symposium 2024

17-19 October 2024, Suzhou, China

Communicating Science across cultures: Approaches, perspectives and challenges

The world is a global community that shares a common destiny for humanity. However, growing polarisation and antagonism in today’s world pose significant challenges to science communication. To address challenges such as artificial intelligence, misinformation, technological controversies, environment and health, and cultural variation, we invite you to exchange thoughts and effective practices on local or international science communication. We aim to explore and expand communication methods, broaden perspectives, and strengthen our sense of responsibility. In this way, we expect to bridge differences, alleviate confrontation, and rebuild spaces and platforms for fruitful dialogue among all parties involved in science communication.

The PCST Suzhou Symposium 2024 is organised by Soochow University (SU, Suzhou), jointly organised by the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC, Hefei). The Symposium has received support from the Chinese Society for Science and Technology Journalism, the Suzhou Association of Science and Technology, the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS) at the Australian National University, journals of Public Understanding of Science, Science Communication and Journal of Science Communication.

Symposium website
Call for contributions – closed on 29 February 2024