Webinar: Social inclusion and cultural diversity in science communication

Webinar date: 30 July 2020

Social inclusion is a topic is taken from the programme for the PCST conference originally planned for May 2020, and which was postponed to May 2021. The heightened awareness and intensified discussions arising the differential effects and communication about COVID-19 has made this topic timely and even more relevant.

Chair of the PCST2020+1 Programme Committee, Jenni Metcalfe chaired the discussion.


  • Emily Dawson, of University College London, will lead the discussion in the webinar. She will also be a plenary speaker on inclusion in science communication at PCST2020+1. Emily is the author of Equity, exclusion and everyday science learning published by Routledge in 2019.

There will be brief responses to Emily’s presentation, and introduction of new aspects of the overall theme from:

  • Andrés Roldan, director of the Medellin (Colombia) science centre, Parque Explora, who will also be a plenary speaker at PCST2020+1; Andrés has developed programmes at the centre that address marginalised communities.
  • Noni Mumba, head of community engagement at KEMRI-Wellcome Trust medical research programme in Kenya; Noni aims to ensure that different types of communities are engaged in appropriate manner, building mutual understanding across health research communities.
  • Luisa Massarani, Coordinator of the National Institute of Public Communication of Science and Technology, Brazil, and of the  Masters in Science Communication at Oswaldo Cruz Foundation; Luisa was the principal host of the 2014 PCST conference, whose theme was Science communication for social inclusion and political engagement.

PCST Secretary, Michelle Riedlinger hosted the webinar.

Please note: due to poor connectivity with Colombia, the sound between 20-26 minutes is not good. Our apologies.