Keynote speakers at PCST 2023 announced

5 September 2022

Jenni Metcalfe, President of the PCST Network, and the Local Organising Committee of the PCST 2023 conference, are excited to announce seven dynamic keynote speakers for the upcoming conference that will take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, from 12 to 14 April 2023.

Our speakers include scholars and practitioners from Mexico, India, Africa, Europe, the USA, and Australia. They will reflect on the evolving interactions between science and society, connections between science communication research and practice, community engagements for positive change, creative ways for engaging audiences, finding common ground in diverse cultures and the challenges facing science journalism in many parts of the world.

We look forward to an exciting conference and your involvement in shaping these conversations!

Noelle Aarts

Cultural anthropologist and communication scientist, Raboud University, The Netherlands
In her talk, Noelle will identify and analyse patterns in the interaction between science and society to discuss some conditions and guidelines for optimising the relationship between science and society in current times.
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Dominique Brossard

Chair and professor, Life Sciences Communication, University of Wisconsin Madison, USA
Dominique will use the conference as an opportunity to reflect on how to best connect research and practice in science communication to build resilient, equitable societies in a post pandemic world.
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Ulrike Felt

Professor and Head of Department, Science and Technology Studies, University of Vienna, Austria
Ulrike understands science communication as a different kind of knowing space. In her talk, she will explore the practices in making and communicating scientific knowledge and in how values and emotions matter in these practices.

Margaret Kaseje

Professor of health policy and public health, Great Lakes University of Kisumu, Kenya
Margaret will reflect during the conference on her research, which engages communities and vulnerable groups in initiatives to improve their health and livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa. In particular, she will look at ways health messages can create positive change.
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Sonya Pemberton

Documentary filmmaker, Genepool Productions, Australia
As a filmmaker specialising in science Sonya’s passion is finding creative ways to engage the general viewer in polarising conversations, while satisfying the rigours of a scientific debate. She looks forward to sharing and exchanging her hard won insights at the conference.
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Jahnavi Phalkey

Founding Director, Science Gallery, Bengaluru, India
Jahnavi will discuss finding common ground when communicating science through innovative means in diverse cultures.
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Aleida Rueda

Freelance science journalist, SciDev.Net, and science communicator at the Complexity Sciences Center, UNAM, Mexico
Aleida will talk about the fact that in many developing countries, it is practically impossible to make a living exclusively from journalism. How then to diversify our profession to survive as science communicators without putting our ethics at stake?
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For more information about PCST 2023, visit the conference website and follow @PCSTNetwork on Twitter and look for #PCST23 and #PCST2023.