PCST Conferences – dates and bidding

2 May 2021

PCST 2020+1 will go ahead in May 2021 as a virtual  global conference. PCST 2023 will be in Rotterdam in April 2023. PCST 2025 will be in Aberdeen in May 2025.

The Scientific Committee met recently and granted the hosting of PCST 2025 to the University of Aberdeen. The Aberdeen group invested a lot of time and money into planning for a face-to-face conference in 2020, before the physical conference had to be cancelled because of COVID-19.

The next bids to host a conference will be for 2027.  Bids will be invited through normal PCST channels (website, Facebook and Discussion list) and the deadline for bids will be January 2023.

Countries wanting to host a PCST symposium in 2024 or 2026 are invited to contact PCST secretary Michelle Riedlinger.

Symposiums are normally hosted in non-conference years.  PCST may approve more than one symposium in a year.