PCST Stories: Heather Doran

25 July 2019

We invited people who have attended PCST conferences to tell us about the connections and collaborations that have grown from attending these conferences. Here’s one more story, from PCST 2020 local organising committee co-chair Heather Doran.

Heather Doran, Public Engagement Manager at the University of Dundee

The PCST conference in Istanbul and Dunedin connected me with a number of science communication researchers – being active in science communication practice I hadn’t had the opportunity to connect with the people behind science communication research previously. The conference and network associated with PCST has allowed me to learn and understand more about science communication on a global scale and listen to different perspectives. Some people who attend offer a world of knowledge relating the history and philosophy of science communication that underpins the work practitioners do today. Many bring fresh ideas and approaches to questions we might want to ask ourselves as a community, expertise from other sectors and fantastic performances and experiences.

I am now privileged to be part of this network and working with people locally and around the globe to bring PCST 2020 to life in Aberdeen. I am incredibly excited about building new connections from around the globe at home in Scotland and sharing the wonderful work taking place here with those global audiences.

Heather Doran, co-chair of the PCST 2020 local organising committee and Public Engagement Manager at the University of Dundee