PCST stories: Luisa Massarani

20 February 2019

In a new series, we tell stories of members’ experiences of PCST conferences and meetings. Luisa Massarani kicks us off with a life changing meeting in Geneva…

“The PCST Geneva conference in 2001 was the turning point of my life.

I was close to finishing my PhD, and didn’t know whether I would get a job. I did. David Dickson was at the Geneva conference and, after we met there, he went to invite me to be the Latin America coordinator of his new project, a website on science in the developing world. I also met Bruce Lewenstein, who, since then, has helped to push science communication in my country.

PCST = opportunities for getting a job, developing international collaborations, and making best friends forever around the world.

Thinking about the role of PCST in my life, I thought that many other people could have also exciting stories to tell about how the conferences and the network changed their lives. Do you also have a story to tell us?”

Luisa Massarani, coordinator of the National Institute of Public Communication of Science and Technology and of the Master in Communication of Science, Technology and Health, Fiocruz, Brazil

Want to share your story? Send some text and a photo to luisamassarani6 [at] gmail [dot] com