Webinar: Science culture – its meanings and uses

Webinar date: 27 September 2021

The purpose of this webinar was to explore the meanings and uses of ‘scientific culture’, and the significant points of convergence and divergence around this concept.

‘Scientific culture’ is widely used around the world to refer to the situation of science in culture, the public perception of science, and the influence of science in the general culture. It has also been used to refer to the culture of the scientific community, and to the scientific way of life and thinking.

The panelists come from diverse backgrounds in media and communication studies, sociology of science and anthropology, and bring different approaches to ‘scientific culture’.

This webinar was held in association with the campaign for an International Day of Scientific Culture (28 September), which has been initiated by the Mexican Science communication Association, SOMEDICyT.


  • Hak-Soo Kim, Distinguished Professor at DGIST and emeritus professor of communication, Sogang University, South Korea.
  • Lea Taragin-Zeller, Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Cultural Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.
  • Massimiano Bucchi, Professor of Science and Technology in Society, University of Trento, Italy.
  • Susana Herrera-Lima, Professor in Science communication and socio-cultural studies, ITESO University, Mexico.

Moderator: Brian Trench, former senior lecturer, School of Communications, Dublin City University, Ireland; immediate past president, PCST Network.

Producer: Ana Claudia Nepote