Grants and Fellowships for the PCST2023 Conference in Rotterdam

There are three different programmes to provide financial support to attend the upcoming PCST2023 conference in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, from 12 to 14 April 2023. Find out more about each programme and how to apply online.

With the PCST2023 conference coming up in Rotterdam in April next year, you probably have questions about registration, funding, proposals and the programme, as well as other related topics. You can find all the answers here!

29 November 2022 – The webinar aimed to share insights and perspectives on the potential of science and theatre within the broader practice of science communication.

17 November 2022 – In this, the first of the three PCST 2023 pre-event webinars, we focused on the ‘VOICE’ sub-themes to set the scene and highlight why we should consider them when thinking about creating common ground within science communication.

The PCST Venice Symposium – Science Communication Education and Training – will be held from 28-30 September 2023 at Venice International University. A call for presentations is open to scholars, practitioners and organisations to present good practices and experiences on science communication education and training.

14 September 2022 – This webinar showed examples of how teaching environments can help broker expertise and experiences within the fields of research and practice, and help push the boundaries of effective science communication.

Jenni Metcalfe, President of the PCST Network, and the Local Organising Committee of the PCST 2023 conference, are excited to announce the following line-up of keynote speakers for the upcoming conference that will take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, from 12 to 14 April 2023.

The PCST Network is pleased to announce that we will be supporting the attendance of people from lower-income countries at the PCST Conference in Rotterdam in April next year. We are grateful to the Kavli Foundation for their generous donation to make this programme possible.

17 August 2022 – A panel of seasoned PCST Network members offer advice, inspiration and answers to questions about the PCST 2023 call for proposals.

9 August 2022 – This webinar discussed the journeys that prominent science communicators have taken from their original occupation as scientists.

27 July 2022 – From 30-31 May 2022, PCST members gathered in Rotterdam in the Netherlands to do some “hands on” planning for PCST 2023 (12-14 April 2023 in Rotterdam).

PCST Network has signed a partnership agreement with the International Year of Science Engagement (IYSE), which aims to proclaim 2027 as an official United Nations International Year and to put Science Engagement on the global agenda.

“We live in a complex society. COVID-19 made us realise just how complex science and society interfaces are with many role players, influencers, messages, messengers, uncertainties, and more,” said Bernard Schiele when he reflected on a recent two-day planning event for the 2023 PCST conference.

15 June 2022 – This webinar explores contested histories and contemporary challenges in science communication in East Asian countries.

For PCST 2023, we are making an explicit commitment to encourage equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in gender, age, ethnicity, other identities and geographical locations, and in terms of ideas and professional and methodological approaches (i.e., research and practice).

3 May 2022 – This webinar discussed the rights and responsibilities of science communicators, especially when freedom of speech, press or association is restricted.